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Department of Infection Biology

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Selected Publications

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The Case for Modeling Human Infection in Zebrafish.

Gomes MC, Mostowy S

Trends in Microbiology, 2019

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Role of septins in microbial infection.

Van Ngo H, Mostowy S

Journal of Cell Science, 2019, 132 (9)

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Septins Recognize and Entrap Dividing Bacterial Cells for Delivery to Lysosomes.

Krokowski S, Lobato-Márquez D, Chastanet A, Pereira PM, Angelis D, Galea D, Larrouy-Maumus G, Henriques R, Spiliotis ET, Carballido-López R, Mostowy S

Cell Host & Microbe, 2018, 24 (6), 866-874

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Cell scientist to watch – Serge Mostowy.

Journal of Cell Science, 2018, 131 (18)

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November 3, 2019

MRC-LID PhD position available on future of zebrafish infection biology

How to apply (deadline January 1 2020):



November 3, 2019

Check out new preprint from the lab

In vivo control of Toxoplasma gondii by zebrafish macrophages


October 7, 2019

Bacterial ‘striptease’ evades antibiotics – BBC News

Happy to work with Katarzyna Mickiewicz and Jeff Errington at Newcastle University, innovative use of zebrafish to follow bacterial cell biology in vivo



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